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13th Apr, 2007

This wins the interweb.


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13th Apr, 2007 11:43 (UTC)
haha you posted this right after I was reading a post on thejapanesepage about 'why bother learning Japanese' since 'everyone in Japan speaks English'. the post was titled 'does Japanese exist?', which is obviously logical.
13th Apr, 2007 12:02 (UTC)
I just started glancing that over now and it's funny, I was talking to Nakki about how I wanted to teach English out there and that was ALL I've wanted to do for years and how... I'd love to do it and then there's sections of that thread saying there are no good teachers out there.

I'd want to be the odd gaijin teacher who teaches the kids English swearing and genitalia in the first lesson as a shock factor then go onto the proper stuff after that. It might be TOO shocking, but it'd be worth it XDD
13th Apr, 2007 12:30 (UTC)
I've seen a lot of threads about native-english speakers going to Japan to teach english... and I'm sure theres a lot of good ones, but from my reading it seems that a lot of people that go aren't as qualified at TEACHING english as they should be. I'm a fluent english speaker, obviously, but no way in hell am I qualified in explaining wtf a gerund is or how its used or teaching sentence structure--I just use it because thats what I know.

Ideally, I think foreign language classes should always have two teachers: one a native speaker, and one a non-native speaker. That way, theres never an excuse of "this is just the way its done", as the non-native speaker would have learned it from a.... non-native standpoint. does that make sense?

but yea. just because they 'learn' english in Japan doesn't mean they 'speak' it. That also doesn't mean I can walk down the street with no Japanese knowledge and say "I WILL GO TO THE COFFEE SHOP" and be able to find it.

Also, if you have time sometime, read the thread about 'why you want to learn Japanese'. It made me feel SO much better about myself XDDD
13th Apr, 2007 12:46 (UTC)
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean there. Over here at least we have a thing called the TEFL course (Teach English Forgein Language) and that can send you all over the place.

I'm not completely sure how teaching out there works but... yeah. We'll see how that goes with time.

And omg, I've just glanced over that thread and yes, absolutely +_____+;;;; I know everyone has there reasons but I feel oddly happy I'm not just another of the wave of Japanfiles that have appeared from nowhere over the last two years.
13th Apr, 2007 14:58 (UTC)
"konichiwa minna-san! ^___^ my name is SupaKawaiiNekoChan1939830 and I want to learn Japanese becuz "watashi wa otaku desu" ^_________~ I love Naruto and Pokemon and Dragon Ball and I want to teach English in Japan so I can watch them on Japanese TV. I hope to learn a lot although I'm almost fluent already because I watch so much anime! omglolz. domo arigatou for everything I will learn here!!!11 ^____________^ JANE!"

I swear, thats like, all the posts.
13th Apr, 2007 16:12 (UTC)
*brain melts* ...ew. I know. What the hell +_+
13th Apr, 2007 19:30 (UTC)
Yea I laugh my ass off at that forum. the website itself is good, though.
13th Apr, 2007 12:31 (UTC)
hahahaha not that I was saying by that post that you wouldn't be qualified ^^;;; I just went off on a rant XDD
13th Apr, 2007 12:46 (UTC)
XD I promise, I never thought that for a second ♥
13th Apr, 2007 11:52 (UTC)
shizzle dizzle y0
13th Apr, 2007 12:03 (UTC)
Cut me some slack, Jack!
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