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助けて! 俺は学生ですよ!!( >Д< )

「キュウださい」- It's like「下さい」only with a 「キュウ」!
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Just somewhere to make a note of stuff dr_ghost is learning at the moment.

It's not good Japanese, and some of it is REALLY basic not to mention bouncing around in terms of subject and level all over the place but it's for my learning purpose.

Want to join to see what I'm up to? That's fine :D
Want to join to try and learn a bit with me? That's fine :D
Want to join to help me learn more? That's fine? :D
Want to join to go "Ahaha! I know more that you!"? That's fine :D
Want to join to laugh at me? That's fine :D

It's all fine.

I'm not going to pretend I'm good yet, because I'm not... but that's the point of this thing; to learn.

So here we go.

(also, I usually use 俺 when I should really use 私... I know this >P;;;)